Below is my list of questions I would try an ask myself before I started another website/app. The point is to clarify in your own mind what it is you’re trying to do.

Answer them honestly….they’re just for you so the only person you’d be cheating is yourself.

My full list is in that spreadsheet on the previous post, but these are the key questions:

Business (what a VC might ask)

- What is the problem you are solving?

- And why is that a problem? (try and ask 2 or 3 more times, that might reveal the real problem)

- How are you solving the problem?

- Who has the problem? Describe them.

- Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

- How does it make money?

- Is there a precedent for this model?

- How would you charge? (Business model)


- What feature is the USP for a MVP?

- What is the minimum you need to do to make a sale?

- How quickly could you make a sale?

Critical Mass

- Does it require more than 1 person to use it to make it useful?

- Does it become more useful with more users?

- If yes, what is minimum number of useful users?

- How can you get to that number?

- How useful will it be until you get to that number?


- How quickly from finding you could the customer receive a benefit?

- How does the customer receive the benefit? (delivery)

- Is there any possibility customers would not use the product as expected?


- Could they/will they repeatedly use it?

- Do you build history/loyalty?


- What does it say on the home page?

- What image goes on the homepage?

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