A long time ago there was a very successful hunting tribe of native Americans. Before they went out to hunt they asked the village witch doctor where the bison were. The witch doctor got a sacred bone and spun it on a sacred rock. Whichever direction the bone pointed was where the bison were.

Now you and I who think rationally know there is no logical connection between spinning that bone and the location of the bison herd - of course it doesn’t point to where the bison are. However, there is a much larger game at play here and that is the pack of hunters working as a team. Because they all whole-heartedly believed the witch doctor they set off as one team, in one direction, with one purpose. Their chances of a successful hunt were dramatically increased because they were working together towards a common goal that everyone knew, understood and did not question. Even if the bison were in the total opposite direction, the fact that the hunters worked towards the end goal together ultimately meant that when something crossed their path and they were in a position to take it down.

Now think of building a house - if you start building then halfway through you decide you want an extra room you are going to delay the whole thing. It will cost you more and it will take more time and therefore cost more in that way too. Now think about having your husband/wife, your mum, your mother-in-law and your kids all putting in requests for changes halfway through building. Anyone who has experienced this knows that it’s a nightmare. It’s kind of inevitable but we all agree it would have been better to think of these things before we started.

Now think of businesses. It’s the same principle. You need to be clear where you’re heading and stick to it. Think of the bison.

The exciting thing is thinking of new ideas and features so it’s so easy to think of an ‘improvement’ without really thinking through the full implications. This is made worse when you have a team, which is why I mention the wife and mum sticking their oar in to your building, because everyone feels they want to add to it when actually you just want to get something done. Take the lead, ignore temptations and focus on the end goal. Just get it done, it was a good idea at some point and yes you’re bound to be able to improve it but get it done.

It is so much better to get something finished than never finish something because you keep moving the goals.

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